2017 Program Details



Cultural Enrichment and

Entrepreneurship Educational Project

A project of Children of Chernobyl, Ellensburg, WA USA




About us


Mission statement:

Our organization’s outreach has been focused on working with and supporting the youth in Belarus.  Our founding mission statement is:


To provide care, compassion, relief and hope

to those in the Chernobyl region, especially the children.


Today, we use a modified version to reflect our emphasis but always mindful of the whole. 


Enriching lives through education, compassion and hope!


Who we are:

We are a community-based, charitable 501c3 non-profit organization that was started in 1995. Individuals with diverse interests have been drawn to our program.  For some it has been education interests, while for others, humanitarian cause, global and cultural awareness, and for still others it is for faith-based reasons.  There is room for all such varied interests in our projects as we focus towards the common goal of “enriching the lives of these young people through education, compassion and hope.”


Its founding purpose was to bring young Belarusian children to Ellensburg for a health respite as part of the broader national Children of Chernobyl program. These children enjoyed a six-week stay with local host families.  Their health needs were provided for by the medical professionals in our community. 


In 2000, a decision was made to host teenage youth, aged 14-16, with the intent of adding educational and cultural awareness components to the already established health respite program.  The Association of WA Business had a long-established Washington Business Week program for high school age students at Central Washington University.  And thus, adding this Business Week (BW) experience was the first step to providing an education opportunity.    


However, we soon learned that we needed to provide a cultural awareness program to better prepare the program participants for the week-long BW experience.  In addition, we wanted more consistency in exchange of information of who we are as a people/community/country.   We then developed a four-day Cultural Enrichment Program in a structured, classroom environment.  This, too, has grown in scope since its inception.


What is….Cultural Enrichment and Entrepreneurship Educational Project (CEEEP)?


There are five major components of CEEEP that provides a comprehensive and intensive five-week project of education and cultural awareness, as well as a health respite.  The CEEEP components are: 


·       The Cultural Enrichment Program is a four-day, structured program conducted in a classroom environment about our community, state, country and people.  It is held on the Central Washington University campus.  There are a variety of speakers/leaders from our community presenting information on a wide range of topics, e.g., Native American culture, daily ESL, life in America, volunteerism and fund raising, local economy, role of government, orientation to the Business Week program, as well as visiting local/U.S. historical places. 

Bit of Belarus:  Each program participant prepares a presentation on some aspect of their culture.  In addition, each one shares a specialty dish of Belarusian cuisine for the Farewell Dinner.


·        The Business Week program is an educational opportunity where the students learn all aspects of being an entrepreneur, succeeding as business people, as well as developing life skills of leadership, teamwork and goal setting.  This program is conducted by business CEOs; not university professors. It is, however, held on the Central Washington University campus.  The students live in the dormitory with an American roommate for this week. 


·        Program participants are given an opportunity to participate in a Day of Service as well as volunteer activities of their host family may be involved with.  These might include such places as Habitat for Humanity, Community Food Bank, Clothing Center, helping at a nursing home, etc. 


·       Because of hosting youth from contaminated areas in Belarus, health and dental care will be made available with needs taken care of within limitations of program and insurance. 


·       And, to make all of this a success, compassionate families open their homes and hearts to host the Belarusian young people for this 5-week summer visit.  The families provide sightseeing opportunities to further enlighten the student to our culture and to show the beauty and diversity of the state of Washington. 


Our Partners: 


School of Business and Management of Technology, Belarus State University, Minsk Belarus

“Meeting the Challenges of Today….We train leaders of tomorrow!”   

The School includes 5 Departments:  Department of Business Administration, Business Communication, Logistics, Management of Technology and Economics, and Finance.  Individual Program offerings within these departments can be viewed here. There are also several Centers operating within the School structure to ensure high quality education and services in the field of Distance Education, Information Technologies, the English language (Centre for Distance Education and Information Technologies, English Language Center).   

Further information may be obtained for the School of Business and Management Technology at: http://www.sbmt.bsu.by; Email: sbmt@bsu.by; Tel/ Fax: +375 (17) 399 23 93


Washington Business Week, Federal Way, WA  USA

Real World Experience. Life Changing Results!” 

Washington Business Week Programs are experiential, intensive pathways that dive deep into the world of entrepreneurship, career development, and building life skills. Students stay on campus at Central Washington University.  Take a test run of college life, make new friends, explore careers, network with professionals from prominent companies…all in just one week!   With the guidance of a mentor from the business community, solve real-world challenges while role-playing as a marketing, finance or production team mate.”  Further information on this program can be found at: http://www.wbw.org/



CEEEP Application details


Eligibility criteria:

·        Demonstrated English-speaking ability

     All students must have this skill to be considered.

     Preference is given to those who have not been to the U.S. or other English-speaking countries.

·        Be a citizen of Belarus and have a current passport.

We have had established relationships and connections with various entities in Belarus for many years and wish to continue with those affiliations. 

·        Applicants must be entering either the 10th or 11th form/grade in September.

        This project is NOT for the high school graduates.  

·        Interest in learning about business as a future career.

   Applicants must be interested in learning about what it takes to be a successful business owner or entrepreneur and it being their chosen career.  The Business Week is an intense week of study on establishing a business.  Each student works with a small group of students and forms a company. 

·        Leadership potential and academic achievement

          You need to be willing to become actively involved in both the Cultural Enrichment Program and Business Week as well as have an open mind and a strong desire to learn.

·        Adaptability to living abroad

          Ability to adapt to their host family’s life style as well as our culture is essential.

·        Submit completed application by the deadline date.


When and where is it held:

     June 29 – August 2, 2017 in Ellensburg, WA USA.  

Dates may vary by a day or two when flight reservations are confirmed.


What does it cost:

The hosting organization fund raises about $15,000 each year to pay for flight transportation, health insurance, Business Week registrations, and related program costs.  Program participants live with a host family with lodging and meals provided by them.   

     The selected applicants chosen to travel to the U.S., will pay for their U.S. visa fees and associated costs to secure it.  In addition, each selected applicant will pay $200 towards the BW fee.  


Application and interview process:

·        Application timeline:  January – March 12, 2017

·        Complete the online application:  Click here   

   Read through the application details to determine information requirements.  We recommend that you write your responses to the ‘Essay’ questions using word processing and then, cut/paste the text into the online application.  This writing must be your own words and original text; not using translation software.

   Upon receipt of your completed application, you will receive an acknowledgement.  If you do not receive that, please contact Liudmila Buloichik or Cecelia Calhoun as suggested on the application.

·        Deadline:  March 12, 2017 , 24:00, Belarus time

·        Interviews in March/April:  3-step process….1) first interview to select most qualified applicants and who met the minimum criteria; 2) second interviews are done by representatives of U.S. hosting organization; and, 3) finalist candidates will have an additional interview for further assessment on business interest, English language skill, and meeting CEEEP program goals.  U.S. hosting organization selects program participants in consultation with Belarus Liaison and Chaperon.

·        Selection notification:  end of April/Early May