(Project of a mobile exhibition of artistic photos)




Subject and concept:  this exhibition is about Belarus and for Belarus: showing this country suffered from Chernobyl’s catastrophe and telling about Belarussian people I try to help them. These artistic photos are devoted to light and kind Belarussian land and to the people of this land and their simple businesses and things. Real life presented by the genuine values: by work, beauty and kind things. Basically it is a genre, landscape and household portrait.

         Practically, each photo can be a subject of a separate artistic conversation. But thus their generality has expressed architectonics and unity: this is emotional and artistic story about a country, which is called Belarus.

         Artistic structure of an exhibition “SIMPLE THINGS: LOOKING AT BELARUS” is alive, capable to be transformed and developed    being filled new photos.

         In 2001, I’ve started shooting the series of the photos devoted to Chernobyl’s zone (look at the separated project “CHERNOBYL. THE EXCLUSION ZONE”), this series could be important part of the general project “SIMPLE THINGS: LOOKING AT BELARUS” or it can be separate photo exhibition too. 


Volume:   40-60 color photos by the size 35to50cm. (Optimally: about 40 photos). The necessary size of frames for them 45to60 sm.


Strategy:   such an exhibition of the artistic photos representing Belarussian people in certain, attractive enough, but also a little bit disturbing mood, can have the important meaning and to be used rather multiform expanding the frameworks actually exhibitions.

    Such visual, purposeful photo presentation of BELARUS and their people will be the very important addition in any measure between our and another country and can bring appreciable advantage in wider understanding of the country and of the people, and thus certain political, social, aesthetic, and real (probably) dividends.

    The similar exhibition (at presence of hall, modern system of frameworks and fastenings) is mounted for some hours.

     Understanding of the following here is important: the similar exhibition can be the important component of any artistic, cultural, charitable or other project, and at the same time on the basis of such exhibition, it is possible to build and to realize practically any project.




(Photo artist and cameraman, member of

National Union of cinematographers)

Tel.: (+7 916) 992 76 93 mobile, Russia 
+(from USA 011) 375 29 776 84 81 mobile, Belarus


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