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Foster a network committed to aiding those in the Chernobyl Region by: 

  • maintaining the national Alliance as a resource for all individuals and groups interested in aiding those affected by the Chernobyl Disaster;
  • promoting national awareness of CofCUSA;
  • sponsoring fund raising events to benefit both CofCUSA and the local organizations;
  • establishing and maintaining a working relationship with organizations or individuals in the Region, who have a like purpose, vision and mission as CofCUSA; and
  • hosting an annual national conference (held in a different region of the U.S. each year.)

Develop and provide support services for the following program initiatives: 

  • Health Recuperation Respite for Children:

    CofCUSA will work with existing community groups to identify specific needs and make arrangements with vendors and suppliers for the provision of the necessary services, such as: 
    • negotiating volume pricing of round trip airline tickets to the U.S. from the Chernobyl region; 
    • establishing master policy for health insurance coverage for the children for their stay in the United States;
    • establishing liability and director/officer insurance policies to protect volunteers working with the community groups;
    • developing standardized, bilingual documents and forms; and
    • developing partnerships with Chernobyl-based groups that identify and select those children who would benefit most from a health recuperation respite outside of the Chernobyl region.

  • Medical/Dental Support Services: facilitate and/or provide medical support services by: 
    • obtaining and delivering medical/dental supplies, equipment, and services to the doctors/clinics/hospitals/orphanages in the region;
    • providing the opportunity for medical professionals to come to the United States for additional training, as well as encouraging doctor-to-doctor and hospital-to-hospital relationships;
    • securing resources and funding for Chernobyl children with critical medical needs; and
    • securing medicines and vitamins for Chernobyl children to take home after summer health recuperation respite.

  • Humanitarian Assistance: Coordinate efforts to provide humanitarian aid to the region by participating in national and international aid efforts.

  • Short-Term Projects: Initiate projects with our Chernobyl region partners that will provide assistance to them, for example, individuals in the United States would help in the restoration of orphanages, hospitals, schools, etc.

  • Educational and/or Cultural Exchange: Provide opportunities for greater cultural and global understanding through participation in student and teacher exchanges, while also providing medical assistance and health education when possible.

Raise public awareness of the health needs existing in the Chernobyl region. 

  • Through its various activities, CofCUSA will strive to raise public awareness of the health crises currently existing in the Chernobyl region. 

Develop a library of resources and disseminate information pertaining to the effects of the Chernobyl disaster by: 

  • securing media resources such as videos, books, bibliographies, etc for use by community groups; and
  • gathering and disseminating information regarding the activities of CofCUSA and of the community groups, and the current situation in the Chernobyl region through the use of e-mail and a web site on the Internet.

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